Product Development

Product development is the first stage of the product life cycle. We help customers to develop a new product or service idea, and are ready to bring that idea to market. At the development stage of the product life cycle, we ensure that the new idea will meet:

  • Potential customer expectations
  • Design and development resource requirements
  • The strategy outlined in the company's business plan

Our product development team works with customer team on,

  • Producing prototypes
  • Testing prototyped product
  • Consult team members on development plans
  • Ask a group of potential customers to test the product and give feedback - use this to develop the product

Usability in Product Development:

From a user-centered perspective, usability evaluations should start early in the development process and occur repeatedly throughout the design cycle, not just when the product is completed.

Usability testing methods can be adapted for any of the general phases detailed below in the software or technology product development process. Usability evaluation at each phase is a critical part of ensuring that the product will actually be used and be effective for its intended purpose(s).

  • Concept and Usability evaluations
  • Demonstration and Validation
  • Detailed design and development
  • Production and Operational Support

Our product development strategy is multi-focused:

Customer Focused: We specialize in vertical consulting areas where we gained lot of insight into optimize solution offerings for repeated customer needs; in such cases, we optimize our solutions by productizing and offering the same to customers to reduce their cycle time and saving on costs.

Internal Process Optimization: As an organization, we run and integrate various internal processes and try to optimize every corner to maximize our costs; we pass on these costs to our customers to win more and more business; we productize such repetitive tasks or intricate tasks to increase our efficiency; we offer them as special solutions to similar organizations like us.